Carlos And Danielle own Primal Instinct Tattoo and are very proud to support an amazing team of artist and apprentices. They take great care in providing a safe and comfortable environment for all artist to thrive and do amazing tattoos.

Carlos Immigrated from Mexico at a very young age and grew up in Northern California. He always had a love of art and design but never thought he could make a career from his art. It wasn’t until his fellow Marines asked him to start tattooing them because of the drawings and sketches they saw hung in Carlos’s barracks room. Even though this was not the correct way of learning to tattoo, Carlos fell in love with the medium and decided to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship after his Military service was complete in 2007. That is also the year he would meet his future Wife, Partner and best friend Danielle. Carlos and Danielle Have been in Alaska since 2011.

Carlos handles a wide range of styles inspired by nature, Hispanic culture and military service. His preferred styles are black and grey, neo traditional compositions and geometric pattern tattoos. Carlos is very fortunate and appreciates his customers trust in designing their large custom tattoos.

Carlos can be reached at, Instagram @akironstattoo, or Facebook at Carlos Alberto Figueroa.


First sketch, just hope my client likes it :-)
I have a few of these laying around, let me know if your interested in one.
This is the liner
Both these got picked by my wife and brother before I had a chance to show me off
Came across this antique caliper and it gave me the idea to make a front adjustable tattoo machine out if. This is the first liner shader set I made.
Needs background but it came out cool
First session, lots of fun still needs background and some whites and the rose.
I had way to much fun with who's one
The back side of that crescent wrench tattoo machine