Danielle Figueroa formerly Danielle White is the co-owner of Primal Instinct Tattoo with husband Carlos Figueroa. She started her apprenticeship in 2006 in Northern California. She met Carlos at that same shop in 2007. Danielle worked at a few different shops briefly before moving to Arizona to work at Club Tattoo where she stayed for a couple years before moving to Alaska with Carlos in 2011 where they have been ever since.

Danielle learned the struggles of working in a male dominated industry (as many women have) but continues to work to break those barriers as times change. She has learned much from her experiences and takes pride in creating a clean, safe and comfortable environment for her clients and employees. She believes that the overall experience is important and strives to make it an enjoyable one.

Danielle works in various different styles of tattoos and appreciates the freedom her clients give her in creating their special permanent art.

She currently opens her books for about three months at a time. If you are interested in booking an appointment with her you can follow her on Instagram @danietatts and follow her booking instructions.


First sketch, just hope my client likes it :-)
I have a few of these laying around, let me know if your interested in one.
This is the liner
Both these got picked by my wife and brother before I had a chance to show me off
Came across this antique caliper and it gave me the idea to make a front adjustable tattoo machine out if. This is the first liner shader set I made.
Needs background but it came out cool
First session, lots of fun still needs background and some whites and the rose.
I had way to much fun with who's one
The back side of that crescent wrench tattoo machine