Danielle Figueroa formerly Danielle White is the co-owner of Primal Instinct Tattoo with husband Carlos Figueroa. She started her apprenticeship in 2006 in Northern California. She met Carlos at that same shop in 2007. Danielle worked at a few different shops briefly before moving to Arizona to work at Club Tattoo where she stayed for a couple years before moving to Alaska with Carlos in 2011 where they have been ever since.

Danielle learned the struggles of working in a male dominated industry (as many women have) but continues to work to break those barriers as times change. She has learned much from her experiences and takes pride in creating a clean, safe and comfortable environment for her clients and employees. She believes that the overall experience is important and strives to make it an enjoyable one.

Danielle works in various different styles of tattoos and appreciates the freedom her clients give her in creating their special permanent art.

She currently opens her books for about three months at a time. If you are interested in booking an appointment with her you can follow her on Instagram @danietatts and follow her booking instructions.


Fun #Polynesian piece. #polynesiantattoo #tribaltattoo #alaskatattoo #tattoo
A little more complicated then wiring a tattoo machine! Lol! this a moded #stratacaster setup, using a megaswitch and coil splitting I was able to get a few more pickup combination options then a standard setup. #guitarproject #guitarwiring #madscience #finishline
Finally! I have been waiting to do a large scale geometry piece. I want to do more of this. #sacredgeometrytattoo #sacredgeometry #obeytattoo #andrethegianttattoo #stiplingtattoo #primalinstincttattoo #primalak #girltattoos #guytattoos #seedoflifetattoo
Always doing cool stuff on mark! #octopustattoo #seatattoo #tattoo #underwatertattoo #sealifetattoo #alaskatattoo #primalinstincttattoo #girltattoos #guytattoos
Fun stuff, like doing the water color style. #primalinstincttattoo #aktattoo #flowertattoo #watercolortattoo #realisticflowertattoo #tattoo #tattoos #inked #bodyart #flowertattoo #guyswithtattoos #girlswithtattoos #raventattoo #alaskatattoos
Getting really excited about finishing this project. #guitarproject
Old school Floyd Rose, gonna do some wiring this weekend. #guitarproject
Just finished final polish, next weekend assembly and wiring. #guitarproject
More progress, re-fretting is a pain in the ass, but alas it is done, that took a good bit of patience. Made a new back plate out of some burnt steel. #guitarproject
I had the most interesting day fishing today. So I had just caught the 19 incher inside my ice fishing tent, I decided to go try some of the holes outside. Within 30 seconds, I got another at least 15 inches, I throw him on the ice, and get right back to my hole. I turn around because I heard something that could only be described as swoosh swoosh, only I'm time to see a big beautiful  bald eagle fly away with my prized catch.  Lol couldn't be happier!!! Mother Nature giveth, and Mother Nature taketh away.
I was inspired by a tattoo online and I printed it to keep it as reference, two weeks later I get Alex wanting his very first tattoo, and loosely describes the tattoo he wants. Somerhing very similar to what I had just seen, I was able to take his ideas and the picture I showed him and compose something unique for him. Favorite Celtic cross ever! #celtic #celtictattoo #celticcross #celticcrosstattoo #celtichalfsleeve #celticblackandgrey
Progress on the #guitarproject love this kona stain. Still waiting on new frets and fret replacement tool kit. Still trying do figure out the new pickups, too many options.