How to Choose an Artist?

We encourage our customers to look thoroughly through our artist portfolio, choose the artist that most resonates with the style you have in mind. Each artist prefers to be contacted by different means. Some artist only open their books a week at a time, some artist maintain their books open year round. Please refer to your artist page on our website for instructions on how to contact your artist. Wait times do differ from artist to artist. Please be patient when reaching out to an artist as it can take several days to respond to all our clients.

Tattoo Aftercare

We offer different options for healing tattoos. There has been changes in the way we care for tattoos in the last several years. Your artist will go over several options with you on how to care for your tattoo.


Currently we do not offer piercing services, jewelry, or piercing aftercare.

Cover Ups

Cover up tattooing is one of the most difficult forms of tattooing. Please understand that even though we can absolutely take request for the tattoo that will cover the existing tattoo, design will be limited to what is necessary for the cover up and will usually require a substantially larger tattoo to successfully cover the older tattoo. In some cases, very few, there is nothing we can do to cover a larger dark tattoo that has been done with more modern ink. In these cases we will usually refer you to a laser clinic to at least lighten the tattoo so that we can cover it successfully.